Demin Red D-88 | enzyme powder

Denim Red is an enzyme preparation with high concentration of cellulase and refining enzymes. It is especially suitable for heavy jeans with heavy stonewash style and can be used for blue and black cattle.
Product characteristics
①High reliability and stability.
② Clear pilling effect and lint reduction.
③Applicable to a wide temperature range of 20°C -60°C
④Anti-staining system ensures a clean surface and a clear pattern.
⑤According to the pilling requirements, according to a packet of pumice one hundred grams of tannin red, if you want to add four packets of pumice, add four hundred grams of tannin red.

Physical properties
Appearance: purple particles
PH value: 5.0-5.5    
Ionicity: non-ionic
Water solubility: easily tolerated in water
Operation method
According to 600 pounds of water washing machine, directly put in the product 100g-500g application can be.
Application reference
This product is suitable for all kinds of denim fabric puckering requirements, can reduce or even not use pumice, save cost and labor intensity, at the same time with this product after enzyme washing feel fluffy and soft, small damage to the fiber, enhance the quality of the product and added value.
Note: For the sixteen counts and above of cotton sand, (thin material high density high spinning) because it can not reach the real puffy, it is difficult to flowering, you can add one to two packets of pumice, tannin red correspondingly reduce one to two hundred grams, can also achieve the corresponding flowering effect.

Storage management
This product is non-toxic, non-hazardous, in a ventilated, dry room temperature environment sealed storage.
20kg/carton package
enzyme powder