Principle of water softener | high efficiency water softener

There are three major parts in the water softener: control valve, resin tank, and salt storage tank (the three most important)

There are generally three working principles of water softeners:
(1) One is the ion exchange method, which is commonly referred to as the resin water softener. The resin tank is controlled to exchange calcium and magnesium ions in the water through a control valve, and the salt storage tank is used to restore the adsorption capacity of the resin, thereby reducing the hardness of the water by recycling. Although it can plug in electricity and costs salt and water, it has a good softening effect and low cost, which is very suitable for popular households.

(2) The second type is nanocrystalline technology, that is, salt-free water softener. This is a physical method. The crystal is dissolved in water, thereby inhibiting the formation of scale. It does not need to be plugged in or consumes water and does not require salt. The cost is nearly a hundred times that of resin, and the softened water is not "soft water" in the true sense. Although environmentally friendly, it is expensive and not suitable for household use.

(3) The third type is the softening of silicon-phosphorus crystals. It uses the soluble properties of silicon-phosphorus crystals and calcium and magnesium ions to inhibit rust and scale problems by producing a pipeline protective film. It can also be harmful to the human body under certain conditions. It is generally used for Industrial, not recommended for household use.

Now the first type of resin water softener is widely used in homes, the second type and the third type can not be regarded as a real water softener, and it does not completely turn water into soft water.
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  • 人造石说明书


    前言 在洗涤牛仔布的过程中,天然石材研磨产生的固体废物一直是一个令人困扰的问题。随着人工成本的增加,固体废物的处理成本和难度也在增加。为了解决上述问题,我们开发了一种环保的人造石。人造石的优点是在洗涤过程中不会产生粒状固体废物。洗涤过程中产生的粉末与水一起从排水管中流出,不会阻塞排水管。其次,在外观上有洗涤效果。用天然火山石洗净后,会产生细小的杂石固体废物。同时,这些固体废物还会与纤维屑和化学废料混合在一起,这些化学废料会粘贴在牛仔裤

  • 人造石说明书


    前言 在洗涤牛仔布的过程中,天然石材研磨产生的固体废物一直是一个令人困扰的问题。随着人工成本的增加,固体废物的处理成本和难度也在增加。为了解决上述问题,我们开发了一种环保的人造石。人造石的优点是在洗涤过程中不会产生粒状固体废物。洗涤过程中产生的粉末与水一起从排水管中流出,不会阻塞排水管。其次,在外观上有洗涤效果。用天然火山石洗净后,会产生细小的杂石固体废物。同时,这些固体废物还会与纤维屑和化学废料混合在一起,这些化学废料会粘贴在牛仔裤

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