Stone-washing enzyme | Why do some denim fabrics have the effects of old, horizontal grain, and sanding?

The most unique style of denim fabrics is clear lines. This is because traditional denim fabrics are only dyed by warp yarns, and the weft yarns are kept in their original colors. The yarn-dyed weaving method that retains the original colors on one side makes the denim fabrics have its own typical style. However, the determining factor in the final style of denim is the washing treatment:

Ordinary washing: Washing with water and softener makes the fabric softer, more comfortable, more natural and cleaner visually, the color after washing is slightly lighter than the original fabric, and the hand feel is slightly softer.

Stone washing: also known as stone grinding, adding a certain size of pumice stone to the washing water, so that the pumice stone and the clothes are polished. After washing, the cloth surface appears gray and old, and the clothes are slightly to severely damaged.Stone-washing enzyme .

Enzyme wash: Enzyme is a kind of cellulase, which can degrade the fiber, so that the cloth surface can be mildly faded and dehaired, resulting in a "peach skin" effect, and a lasting soft effect. It can also be used in combination with stone washing, called enzyme stone washing.

Sand washing: When washing, add sand washing powder, bulking agent and other auxiliary agents to make the clothes have a certain fading effect and old feeling after washing. Softener, can make the fabric soft and soft after washing, thus improving the wearing comfort.

Chemical washing: The purpose of fading is achieved by using strong alkali auxiliaries. After washing, the clothes will have a more obvious old feeling. If you add softener, the clothes will have a soft and plump effect.

Damage washing: After the garment is polished with pumice stone and treated with additives, it will be damaged to a certain extent in some parts, and the clothes will have a more obvious dilapidation effect after washing.


  • 人造石说明书


    前言 在洗涤牛仔布的过程中,天然石材研磨产生的固体废物一直是一个令人困扰的问题。随着人工成本的增加,固体废物的处理成本和难度也在增加。为了解决上述问题,我们开发了一种环保的人造石。人造石的优点是在洗涤过程中不会产生粒状固体废物。洗涤过程中产生的粉末与水一起从排水管中流出,不会阻塞排水管。其次,在外观上有洗涤效果。用天然火山石洗净后,会产生细小的杂石固体废物。同时,这些固体废物还会与纤维屑和化学废料混合在一起,这些化学废料会粘贴在牛仔裤

  • 人造石说明书


    前言 在洗涤牛仔布的过程中,天然石材研磨产生的固体废物一直是一个令人困扰的问题。随着人工成本的增加,固体废物的处理成本和难度也在增加。为了解决上述问题,我们开发了一种环保的人造石。人造石的优点是在洗涤过程中不会产生粒状固体废物。洗涤过程中产生的粉末与水一起从排水管中流出,不会阻塞排水管。其次,在外观上有洗涤效果。用天然火山石洗净后,会产生细小的杂石固体废物。同时,这些固体废物还会与纤维屑和化学废料混合在一起,这些化学废料会粘贴在牛仔裤

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