2022 03 23

Stone-washing enzyme | Why do some denim fabrics have the effects of old, horizontal grain, and sanding?

The most unique style of denim fabrics is clear lines. This is because traditional denim fabrics are only dyed by warp yarns, and the weft yarns are kept in their original colors. The yarn-dyed weaving method that retain

2022 04 07

Biopolishing enzyme | Biological enzymes and textile industry

Biopolishing enzyme Biological enzymes were only used for fabric desizing in the textile industry a long time ago, and amylase was used to catalyze the hydrolysis of starch sizing on fabrics. In the current production p

2022 04 10

Denim Enzyme | The role of enzymes in the textile industry

Biological enzymes are amazing, they exist in every aspect of our lives. 1. High concentration neutral cellulase Highly concentrated cellulase, which can be used for stripping and embossing of denim and softening of pu